A Plague Tale: Requiem PC Games Free Download

By Admin - 29 Dec 2022 in PC Games
a plague tale requiem pc games free download

A Plague Tale: Requiem PC Games Free Download - Six months following the events of the first game, siblings Amicia (Charlotte McBurney) and Hugo de Rune (Logan Hannan), along with their mother Beatrice (Lucy Briggs-Owen) and friend Lucas (Kit Connor), are on the road to Provence. An organization of alchemists called the Order has promised to provide refuge to the de Rune family. However, they encounter a hostile family of beekeepers who attempted to kill him, Amicia, and the youngest sibling of that family, forcing him to call the rats to save all three of them. This causes the Macula in Hugo to start flaring up again. Amicia and Lucas discover that the rats and plague have spread to Provence. Beatrice and the local Order representative Magister Vaudin's (Antony Byrne) attempts to treat Hugo only exacerbate his condition. Vaudin arranges for the group to leave by boat for the Order's headquarters in Marseille, but the city is swarmed by rats and left in ruins. Vaudin is killed while the de Rune family and Lucas barely escape.

A Plague Tale: Requiem PC Games Free Download - Skeptical of the Order's motives, and unwilling to see Hugo locked up as a test subject, Amicia and Hugo leave Beatrice and Lucas to seek an island of which Hugo has recurring dreams, hoping it will lead to a cure for the Macula. Along the way, they are pursued by Provence soldiers, as well as mercenaries led by Arnaud (Harry Myers), a disgraced knight. Arnaud offers to arrange transport to the island from Hugo's dreams, La Cuna, in exchange for protection from the rats. Arnaud's smuggler friend Sophia (Anna Demetriou) transports them to the island.

A Plague Tale: Requiem PC Games Free Download - Arriving at La Cuna, Amicia and Hugo discover that the residents, led by the Count Victor (Alistair Petrie) and Countess Emilie (Ellie Heydon), worship a pagan deity called the Child of Embers. Arnaud tries to coerce Hugo into summoning rats to attack Victor. Amicia foils Arnaud's plans, resulting in his arrest. Amicia, Hugo, and Sophia explore the island and learn the Count and Countess unknowingly worship a previous Macula carrier as the Child of Embers. Delving further into an ancient Order temple, they find no cure, but uncover clues about the previous carrier, Basilius, and his protector, Aelia.

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